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The use of roller bearings in non-ferrous metal plate and strip rolling mills

Abstract: This article introduces the characteristics and types of roll bearings in non-ferrous metal plate strip rolling mills, analyzes installation points failure reasons bearings; And proposed measures to extend its service life.Keywords: roller …


Improvement on Assembly Process for Extra Large Size Spherical Roller Bearings

Abstract: Aiming at such issues as low assembly efficiency,damaged raceway affecting service life and the potential risks existed during of extra large size spherical roller bearings,the hydraulic machine is designed, its structure operating principle …


Configuration and application of electric motor rolling bearings

Abstract: The service life of electric motor bearings is closely related to the selected bearing configuration. Reasonable selection configuration can improve and thus enhance motors. Use examples motors in current market illustrate how choose use …


Structural design of a specialized puller for destructive disassembly of deep groove ball bearings

Bearings are common components in machines. Bearing disassembly is a task machine maintenance. Due to the wide variety and specifications of bearings, dismantling tools used for bearings also different. need work, maintenance personnel have designed …


Structural Improvement on Insert Deep Groove Ball Bearings 607

Abstract: Aiming at the early failure problems such as fracture of cages and separate rings for insert deep groove ball bearings 607 used in multi - propose tool under operating condition,the reasons are analyzed combining with actual condition bearings,and …


Improvement on assembly process for deep groove ball bearing with ball gap

Abstract: In view of inefficiency manual pressing ball craft, the labor intensity being big and easy to miss balls about deep groove bearings with gap,a kind automatic assembly machine was developed realize function filling moving products, improve …

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