Quality Inspection

JFZ Bearing for Continuous, Objective Quality Monitoring


Are you a bearing manufacturer who needs to ensure 100% of parts sent to customers are defect-free? Would a fast, clean, easy, and objective method of evaluating the quality of every single part be beneficial to you?

Non-Destructive Inspection for End Product Evaluation or Process Monitoring

Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAM) evaluates bearing inner and outer races before assembly, testing with 100% inspection and simple pass / fail results. The system, sometimes called ping testing, is reliable and easy to use and can sort as fast as 3 seconds per part. In addition to testing end products, NDT-RAM can be used in various phases of production to monitor your manufacturing processes. Collect data to help predict machine and tool wear and alert you to needed changes.

The various NDT-RAM systems available from The Modal Shop can each handle a wide variety of part sizes and shapes – one system can fit all of your needs for bearing quality inspection.

Detect Defects: Cracks, Missed Operations, and More

• Cracks / laps

• Missed operations

• Missing chamfers

• Excessive outside dimensions

• Unground surfaces

• Heat treat

• Through hardened vs Case hardened

• Mixed product

• Soft product

• Gross defects

• Short feedouts

NDT-RAM As an Alternative to Visual Inspection and Other Methods

• Visual inspection: NDT-RAM is faster, objective, and more reliable

• Magnetic particle inspection: NDT-RAM is clean, objective, and faster

• Dye penetrant or liquid penetrant testing: NDT-RAM is clean, objective, and faster

• Eddy current testing: NDT-RAM is faster

Non-Destructive Testing for Bearings Used In

• Automotive

• Aerospace

• Industrial

• Rail

• Energy

• and more