Advanced Equipment

At JFZ, we understand that production equipment is a crucial factor affecting the quality control of bearings. Therefore, we have invested heavily in modern machinery and equipment. Our factory has over 300 sets of production equipment, including automatic lines, forging processing equipment, heat treatment equipment, etc.

Our production lines are automated, with minimal manual work, thereby avoiding any human errors that may affect the quality of products. Some of our production equipment are:

1. CNC machines: We use computer numerical control machines to enhance the precision and complexity of our bearing production. These machines are highly automated, and once programmed, they can produce dozens of bearing models continuously.

2. Grinding machines: We use grinding machines to achieve the dimensional accuracy and finish requirements of our bearings. These machines also have automated capabilities, which allow for consistent results in terms of size, shape, and surface finish.

3. Heat treatment equipment: Heat treatment is a crucial step in the bearing manufacturing process. We use advanced and automatic heat treatment equipment to ensure precise and consistent heat treatment conditions that will provide stable and high-quality bearings.

4. Automated assembly lines: Our assembly lines are highly automated and equipped with advanced sensors, which detect any errors during assembly. This set up ensures our final product is error-free and of high-quality.

Inspections and Testing Equipment

At JFZ, we believe that the quality of our bearings is our top priority. Therefore, we have put in place stringent inspection and testing procedures to ensure that all our bearings meet the industry's standards. We have a comprehensive quality management system that oversees the inspection process and ensures all our products meet the required quality standards.

Some of our testing equipment include:

1. Height gauges: We use height gauges to measure the dimensions of bearings, which ensures their accuracy.

2. Profilometers: These machines test the surface roughness of bearings, ensuring their quality and performance.

3. Spectrometers: We use spectrometers to test the composition of the raw materials used in the bearings.

4. Vibration testing machines: Our vibration testing machines can simulate an operating environment of the bearing, ensuring that it can withstand the given stresses and perform optimally.

At JFZ, we pride ourselves on our quality products and services. Our emphasis on modern equipment and strict quality control, combined with years of experience, has enabled us to produce high-quality bearings that meet the industry's standards. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in our production processes, so we can continue to deliver exceptional products that exceed our customer's expectations. Contact us today, and let us help you meet your bearing needs.