Aircraft Applications: JFZ Bearings Leads the Way

Aircraft technology has come a long way since the first flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903. Nowadays, aircraft are safer, more reliable and much more advanced. A vital component in these advancements are bearings. JFZ Bearings has been at the forefront of developing the highest quality bearings for aircraft applications.

Aircraft bearings are used in a variety of applications, from the engines to the flaps and landing gear. The bearings that are used in an aircraft must be precise and reliable because of the safety concerns associated with aviation. That is why JFZ Bearings focuses on producing high-quality bearings that meet the stringent requirements of the industry.

There are several types of bearings that are used in aircraft applications. These include ball bearings, roller bearings, and plain bearings. Each of these bearings has its unique advantages and are used in various areas of the aircraft.

The ball bearings used in aircraft are typically angular contact ball bearings. These bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loads. They are commonly used in engine components such as the main gearbox and accessory gearbox. JFZ Bearings manufacture the 7200 Series angular contact ball bearings that are designed specifically for aircraft applications.

Roller bearings are also used in select aircraft applications. These bearings are designed to handle higher loads than ball bearings and are typically used in the landing gear assemblies. JFZ Bearings produces the 230 Series spherical roller bearings that are ideal for these applications.

Plain bearings, also known as bushings, are used in areas where the bearing is subjected to continuous loads. These bearings are typically made of composite materials that help reduce vibration and noise. JFZ Bearings produces a variety of plain bearings such as the DU Series cylindrical bushings that are used in flap assemblies.

The quality of a bearing is critical to the safe operation of an aircraft. That is why JFZ Bearings always tests their bearings to ensure they meet the required tolerances. The company uses advanced equipment to test for noise, vibration, and wear. The commitment to quality has led the company to become a leading provider of aircraft bearings to the industry